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Days until classes:

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Why get your degree online?

Let's face it. You need a college degree to get a better job. But, if you have responsibilities to work or family, going to class at a physical campus might not be practical. The solution? Let your classes come to you!

Online learning is the perfect alternative for busy adults like you. Earning your degree online allows you the freedom to attend your classes anytime—anywhere.

You may be wondering: Is online learning really as effective as on-campus learning? The answer might surprise you, but some studies say yes—if not more effective. Students in online learning conditions perform better on average than those in typical classroom settings, according to a recent study done by SRI International.1

In many ways, going to school online is just like attending class at a traditional campus, only now everything is at your fingertips—24/7. Whether you’re at home, at work, traveling, or serving in the military, all of your courses and services are just a click away.

Why choose IU?

  • Faster degrees
  • Personal attention
  • Convenience
  • Career-focused programs
  • Affordable
  • Programs approved for veterans
  • Employment assistance
  • Monthly starts
  • Get a new laptop

IU—your online university

Independence University offers you all the benefits of an accredited, online education that is fast, flexible, and designed for employment in some of today’s fastest-growing job fields.

Best of all, at Independence University, you are never alone. You may be studying independently, but you’re never left to figure things out on your own. Not only will you have instant access to our top-notch services online, but our dedicated instructors, tutors, and student advisors are there to help five days a week! You can even team up with fellow classmates to study online!

Why choose IU?

Faster degrees2

Finish your associate’s degree in 20 months or less or your bachelor’s in 36 months or less.

Personal attention

No “office hours.” Your instructors, tutors, and advisors are available five days a week to help you succeed. Communicate with college staff via phone, email, or chat.


Register for classes, find study materials, attend lectures, and take tests on your schedule. Our user-friendly technology provides you with 24-hour access.

Career-focused programs

Our programs are designed for employment in some of today’s fastest-growing job fields. No fluff courses. Explore career-centered degrees in healthcare, business, technology, and graphic arts.


Our friendly financial planners will help you get all the financial aid you qualify for. Just call (800) 972-5149 or go here to see how much you could get.

Programs approved for veterans

Take full advantage of your military benefits to earn your degree, whether you’re on active duty or on reserve.

Employment assistance

Our helpful Career Services advisors are here to help you launch your career once you graduate.

Monthly starts

New classes start every month, so you don’t have to wait until the start of the next semester to enroll. You can start and finish your degree—faster!

Get a new tablet—and a laptop

Your tablet will be shipped immediately upon enrollment, and then your laptop is shipped at the beginning of your fourth module. Both are yours to use in school—and keep after graduation.

Ready to start earning your degree online?

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