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If you prefer to take your MBA in a traditional setting, the University offers this program in the evening at our location in Salt Lake City, UT. Personnel available to assist you are the Executive Director, the Director of Education, the Director of Student Services, the Registrar, the Librarian, Admissions Consultants, Financial Planners, and Academic Advisors as well as the faculty for your program.

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Schedule your campus tour by calling us at (800) 972-5149, or simply drop in at 4021 South 700 East, Suite 400, Salt Lake City, UT 84107

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What Graduates Say:

"I would whole-heartedly recommend Independence University. I have already done this to many of my friends. I never felt that anything I did in my studies was just "busy work." All of my courses were interesting and challenging. I had great instructors who were always just a click away from answering any questions I had. I feel I got a quality education from day one at Independence University."

, Online Branch Campus
Nursing Administration

What Graduates Say:

"Independence University is a very flexible school that really wants you to succeed… I liked the ability to move at my specific learning pace… I can testify that you will learn a lot! As a result of enrolling and graduating from here, I gained experience, knowledge, and a raise."

, Online Branch Campus
Health Services Management

What Graduates Say:

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after starting classes. If I had been attending traditional classes, I would not have been able to complete my courses. Here at Independence University, I was able to coordinate my classes, my surgeries, and my treatments and still finish all classes within a year. From earning my degree, I've experienced more job responsibilities, a raise in salary, and the feeling of being just as good as my peers! "

, Online Branch Campus
Respiratory Therapy